WEEK 1: Team report

LAPASSION project introduction

LAPASSION project is a consortium created with the aim to create solutions to address different problems. In particular LAPASSION 2018 is focused in develop solutions to improve the aging populations life conditions. The project has been structured in six research lines, each one centered in a specific topic. Both DuocUC and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile will provide classes in order to help students to complete their goals successfully.


We belong to LAPASSION Group 1, which have as objective improve older traveler’s experience in public transportation. To achieve this goal we will work in collaboration with the Ministry of Transportation Smart Cities division, who will lay out the current difficulties concerning aging population mobility. From this starting point we will carry out our research to develop ideas about how facilitate the improve the elderly persons mobility in public transportation. These solutions will be implemented through the build of a prototype.

The first week consisted in the official presentation of LAPASSION project, the work topics were presented and team building to lead the participants interaction was also involved.

Future work will be related with set the basis to carry out the first steps of our research through a meeting with our counterpart from the Ministry of Transportation Smart Cities division.

WEEK 2: Team report

Week 2, day 1, this mail, our challenge.

UNIDAD CIUDADES INTELIGENTES: Desafío en movilidad para la población de la tercera edad.

El planeta enfrenta una fuerte transición demográfica a raíz de una importante baja de las tasas de mortalidad y fecundidad, junto con un aumento en la esperanza de vida. En muchos países se ha producido un envejecimiento de la población, reduciéndose considerablemente el número de individuos de las edades más jóvenes, al mismo tiempo que aumentan los sectores de edad avanzada.

En el grafico N°1 se puede apreciar un pronóstico del porcentaje de la tercera edad, mostrando un alza sostenida durante los próximos 60 años, donde luego comienza a decrecer levemente, pasando del 17% en 2018 al 37% al 2080. Esto corresponde a un aumento del 20%, que irónicamente corresponderá en su mayoría a los actuales estudiantes en la educación terciaria, segmento que está constantemente aportando a soluciones en este ámbito.sds

Al segmentar la curva del grafico N°1, tenemos en el grafico N°2 que, la distribución en la población de tercera edad tiene un punto de inflexión, provocando que, en el mismo periodo, el segmento sobre 75 años crecerá más que segmento de 60-74años, en los próximos  60 años, presentando una preocupación en diversos temas que afectan hoy en día a este segmento.


Por lo que si hoy, el tramo de personas con 75 años o más no constituyen un gran desafío al representar solo al 5% de la población, si lo es en un largo plazo. Por otro lado ya las personas entre 60-74  años representan poco más que el doble, y aun así, muchos que se encuentran jubilados, no cesan sus actividades laborales deteriorando su calidad de vida. En este sentido la movilidad no se detiene a una edad en específico, pero si necesitamos mejorar y seguir fomentando la movilidad en la población de la tercera edad.

Tuesday morning, we met with our counterpart representant, Humberto.

He talked about what they do as Smart Cities Division of Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications. Also, explained us why 2040 was the critical year for our subject: it’s the inflection point where 75+ aged people start catching 60-75 ones, touching the same proportion of the total population by 2070.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-15 at 17.10.13

Having understanded our challenge, we started organizing how we were going to make our approach to it. That was our main task for the week.

We started using Trello, a project management app. So we can write down what we have to do in terms of: week mission, Calendar, Interviews, Research, Feedback, Opportunities, Solutions, etc


We made our first meetings outside the LAPASSION Instances, and defined which would be the focuses we were going to use and how we were going to raise information to construct and overview of the problem now, and project it to 2040.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-15 at 21.57.11

We defined that we had to research about how Santiago’s Public Transport System, in terms of technology-use, and infrastructure is nowadays and how it’s going to be by 2040. The same for the users of it, which we classified in two groups by age:

  1. 60+ year old: people that is already elder and use the Transport System, so we can know what they think about it, which are their problems and how do they relate with technology while transporting around their city.
  2. 38-60 years old: people that is going to be elder by 2040. We focused on understanding how they expect 2040 will be in terms of transportation, and how they relate with technologies that improve their experience on it.



And to achieve this mission, we also decided to complementate our interviewing approach with research about projections of these topics in our future. Because the technology evolution won’t cease.


WEEK 3: Team One post

Hi everybody, now we will tell for you about our third week in LAPASSION project:

This week was very hard for us, we had  a hard time, because we had to do a lot of important things, and when put together all the works were difficult to do all but in the end we did. Than, the Monday was important because we had to bought the food to the breakfast, we went in La Vega trying to find the best prices and we got it.

The tuesday was amazing, everyone liked the breakfast and we could to find new  ideas to develop our sub-challenge. On the tuesday we could speak with our counterpart, Humberto Godoy, about some ideas that were in our minds.


On wendsday, we met each other to develop the first big presentation, every we went to domo and made the presentation. In this process we analized the interviews, online and face to face, because we wanted to discorvered and chose the opportunites.

On thursday, we present our opportunities, We received a lot of tips on how to improve development of our sub-challenge. Our opportunites are goods but we have to improve our presentation because it was unorganized and now we have it as a goal.


Than, that was our week 3, we are proud with our development, but always looking for improviment.

Thank you for reading.

WEEK 4: Team report

Last week we had the first grand delivery and we didn’t receive many good news, but actually this was really good for the team.

We met on Monday to discuss about what we need to improve and did a schedule about the activities for the week, worked about the opportunities and chose one, the most interesting to work.

So we chose the second opportunity, improve walking experience attending old people expectation and specific issues. On Tuesday and Thursday we did some field research through interviews, observations and bibliographic review.

After analyzed the data we got, we started work on the basis of the presentation.
We are learning a lot of tools in the same time, sometimes we get confused about use it, but we are trying to understand and choose one to use in the process.

Now it’s clear the team is getting closer and working better together, hopefully this will help us to get better performance and development in the project.

Let’s start week 5!

WEEK 5: Team report

This week was very short for a holiday, we met as a team to advance our presentation.
we presented our solutions to the opportunities we defined. It was very complex to think of a improvement for the year 2040 but through research we could imagine what society would like in the future in terms of population, use of technologies, number of inhabitants, etc.
Considering the data obtained, thinking about solutions was difficult because the technology advances by leaps and bounds so we decided to focus on the use of technologies that our future seniors who are currently 45 years old will have.
Our solutions should be aimed at improving walkability

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-08 at 4.16.36 PMWhatsApp Image 2018-05-09 at 5.30.24 PM

every week we work better as a team.

WEEK 6: Team report

One more week of work! We start the week with a meeting with Andrea to discuss what was going on with our group and why our development was below expectations. Just 3 members were present in the meeting but they could explain about what we have been doing in the project and how. After the comments and advices, we created a new presentation and started doing the work for the event with the counterparts.

We started with the pitch, synthetizing the information and high lighting the important points to be concise and have a good presentation on time, 3 minutes.

On Wednesday we had a class about reverse engineering and we worked with this associating with our project and how to use this information to help us to develop the solution. After class we tried to divide the work between the members, some doing the report of class and others the print sheets for the next day event, but just concluded both after a final discuss between all members of the group.

work lab

On Thursday we organized the space, did the presentation for all guests and after we had a time with our counterpart to explain and give us the feedback about the development of the solutions and choose which one is better to work. Was really good this time because we could know what direction to follow and keep in mind some important points mentioned by Godoy.


On Friday we could participate in an event with other students about the development of a solutions and learn more about the process behind this.

Well this week was hard but we got some positive points about our development and this brought back our enthusiasm for work.

See you next week.

WEEK 7: Team report

Solution proposal development

Week 7 of LAPASSION project was focused in choosing a solution proposal and develop the necessary mockups to define this proposal.

The solution chosen by our team was the implementation of a platform which works two aspects of walking in the elderly population segment: motivation and the improving of the walking experience. To motivate people we though in the implementation of a reward system. This system consists in a punctuation system which assign points to people in function of the distance walked. These points could be changed by discounts in shops. To record the distance traveled we have proposed a small personal device which is composed by a GPS receptor, battery, memory, and Wi-Fi connexion. The idea is that people can bring with them this simple device, and automatically their walk is recorded in the memory of the device using the GPS receptor. When the person arrive home, the device connects itself to the home Wi-Fi network and upload the recorded data to the personal account on the platform, which converts the distance in points.

Captura de pantalla de 2018-05-24 19-27-43

On the other hand, the platform includes a report system where elders can make reports of the infrastructure issues, and achieve extra points with these reports. The aim is to create an issues database which can be used by the municipality to locate the problems in the walking infrastructure and fix them. This point is an important aspect from an economic point of view due to the municipality would buy the data, so this is an important income for the designed platform.

To develop the solution we made three mockups: a mockup of the device, which is very simple and small, a mockup of the platform, and the last one is a mockup of the entire platform where its performance and the connexion between the device and the digital personal account.


Future work will be related with a deeper development of the solution and the creation of the final prototype.

WEEK 8: Team report

Solution iteration

Week 8 of LAPASSION project was focused in the redesign of our solution and its development.

In this week some modifications from the preliminary design presented in the mock-ups related with the device and the reward system were implemented. At this moment the solution consists in an insole with a chip that register the experience of walking of a person, this insole is connected with a platform where is all the data about the walking experience, in this platform also is the system of benefits, where the person received a benefit related with physical activities, also the person can do reports about issues in the street, so as a reporter, the person can received our Smart Shoes as a gift for being a reporter.

Our final aim is to create a social platform of users where they can share their hobby for walking and at the same time contribute to improve their city and being part of a collaborative community of citizens.


Future work will be related with the development of the idea and make a prototype to present on the demo day.

WEEK 9: Team report


The week 9, the last week with classes.

Today Sunday ( 3 de junho), I was thinking about the last week on Lapassion project, and we are really happy with our development. The week 8 started with Cony’s class, there we watched a little bit more about prototypes and continue working in our last version of prototype.

    WhatsApp Image 2018-06-01 at 16.38.05


Than, in the tuesday we had the last breakfast and we continue working in prototype and started to prepare the poster and the last presentation.



Thus, we worked in the presentation and in the prototype, because we had to present in thursday. With the presentation, we received feedback of how to improve our way of to present and tips of to show better our idea. Than, we organize our informations and went to the Domo worked in the Demo Day.

This was our week.  Thanks