Week 1: Camila Souza’s personal report

LAPASSION 2018 – Santiago de Chile

First week of april and also first week of LAPASSION project!

The initial experience about the first week was around the introduction about how to do a presentation and how to structure the idea and find and develop an opportunity to innovate. There are many steps to do and it’s not certain about the success. The division of groups was made and established the challenge, which “Improving conditions for aging population”. The sub-challenge for my group is “To improve older travelers experience in public transportation”.

We had also an introduction about how to execute the steps of development of the project simulating a solution which allows a significantly improve the experience of dog haircut. First we analyzed the situation, searched about the theme, discussed about the problem, reframing. After that we developed an idea, we needed a process to tranquilize pets before it has the haircut. The last step was prototyping. We decided create a place where the pet can stay with any of it’s toys and with a house, synthetic grass, food, water and the groomer could could play with it to get the trust and tranquilize the animal. So we did a small representation of the space with the materials available in the classroom.

Besides these activities we received the activities schedule for the next week and orientation how to start the challenge. Also defined the roles in the team and known more about our classmates.

Through that kickoff I’m really excited about the development of the project and the challenge to do it. We’ll learn a lot and acquire a fantastic experience.