Hello! I’m Camila, I’m 21 years old and I’m studying Graphic Design at Duoc UC: Campus San Carlos de Apoquindo, My two passions are art and sports, specially volleyball. My role here in the project is related directly with design, develop all my skills that I have in this area and of course, work with my team for the people in our challenge. For me, this project would be an amazing experience and I hope to learn so much.


I am Edgar Martín, and I participate in LAPASSION project as member of the University of Salamanca, Spain.
Given my background as a Chemical Engineer and my interests for the development of initiatives which contribute for the improvement of life quality in the various social collectives, I took the decision to apply for LAPASSION project 2018, which is developed in Chile through the participation of two institutions, DuocUC and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.
After finishing my Bachelor in Chemical Engineering, with the formation acquired in the Master in Chemical Engineering which I am finishing, and the experience in several projects, not only in private companies but also in public institutions I have had the opportunity to achieve the knowledge and abilities which ease my participation in multidisciplinary research teams.


I’m Camila Souza and I’m a participant of LAPASSION project as ambassador from Federal Institute of Triângulo Mineiro (IFTM), Brazil.
I’m in the 4th year of Agronomic engineering and I’m always looking for opportunities to complement my formation. I saw in LAPASSION an opportunity to improve my abilities like networking, creativity, solve problems, work group and innovation. The challenge is what make us to get out of comfortable zone and do hard work. This way we can collect a lot of good results. Also has the opportunity  to be connected and learning one of the best university of South America.
I’m really proud to work with Duoc UC and Universidad Católica de Chile.