Week 2: Edgar’s personal report

Subchallenge first steps: lay the foundations

Week 2 of LAPASSION project was related with the problem definition and preliminary research. We arranged a meeting with our counterpart, Humberto Godoy, who belongs to the Ministry of Transport Smart Cities unit. He present their vision of the topic; how they set the future of the mobility, and the problematic of the elder people mobility in 2040.

Our subchallenge is focused in developing solutions to improve the old people mobility in public transport in 2040 because of, according to the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile estimations, the gap between the population segment between 60-74 years old and above 75 years old starts to decrease in this year, although both segments increase their weight over the total population continually from nowadays to 2040, when both segments population start to stabilize. Therefore, 2040 is the beginning of the critical situation to deal with the specific problems of elder populations.

From this approach we have to make our own research, focusing in three topics: how elderly people will evolve from nowadays to 2040, the technological evolution of public mobility systems, and the growth of the megalopolis. My personal research is focused in the technological evolution of public mobility systems and the current proposals to deal with the means of transport problems in the future: roads congestion, public transport accessibility, social and environmental sustainability, etc. The aim of this exploratory research is to identify the main problems and factors which influence in elder population travel experience.

Future work will be focused in collect more information about technological trends and estimations, and compare the obtained conclusions with field data collected from personal interviews with the target population.



Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, 2017. Chile y sus Mayores: 10 años de la Encuesta Calidad de Vida en la Vejez. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

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