Week 1: Luis Felipe’s personal report


Good evening dears,

    My name is Luis Felipe dos Santos Ribeiro, and I am a student of Civil Engineer. My Institute is IFG (Instituto Federal de Goiás) and I am in LAPASSION project as member of the group one.

The first week in Lapassion was awesome, because I knew my sub-challenge and my team, they are incribles. On Monday, we were introduced to ourselves and some importants rules from Santiago. The first class was about “How to do an apresentation”, I learned a lot things and I will use it in my ending apresentation. On Wendsday, the second class, we watched some apresentations to aplly the content seen in the first class. On Thursday, the most important class, we learned the methodology to start any project until to do the prototype, for us is a new methodology and other way of to resolve problems.

Luis Felipe, 09 de Abril de 2018

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